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Developing superior tech for data centers, the ground zero for IoT and Big Data

Data management centers across Japan, the U.S. and beyond will depend on the high-performing, high-quality fiber optical technology that Sanwa has been supplying to the internet communications industry since the 1980s.

Sanwa and the fiber-optical solutions driving the fourth industrial revolution

MPO Cassette module for rapid deployment of High-Density Data Center infrastructure.

Japanese firm Sanwa Denki Kogyo was one of the early pioneers of the web which, today, is supporting the establishment of next-generation fiber optical connections that will drive the fourth industrial revolution across the globe.

Anritsu Corp: The Success of Change

Hirokazu Hamada, President of Anritsu Corp.

"We strongly believe that our mission is to lead society with our technology"

Eliiy Power’s lithium-ion batteries for a greener and safer world

Hiroichi Yoshida, Chairman and CEO, Eliiy Power

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 that left vast swathes of the Tohoku region without electricity, employees from Eliiy Power loaded up cars with eight of the company’s ‘Power Yiile’ transportable electricity storage systems and headed for Miyagi prefecture. There, the ‘Power Yiile’ were set up at the Disaster Response Headquarters, as well as at six emergency shelters, and were used to power TVs, radios, lighting and charge mobile phones.

ACSL: Mile-high technology on auto-pilot

The fast-growing Japanese drone maker has developed its own autonomous flight control and SLAM technologies that allow its drones to be used in places beyond the reaches of GPS/GNSS-based competitors.

Japan Inc. boosting R&D spending to put itself ahead of the curve

With Japanese companies across the board expanding their budgets for R&D, the Land of the Rising Sun is ready to rise again, developing products for an ever-changing world.


Alps Electric’s relentless pace in collaborative technological innovation

Mr. Toshihiro Kuriyama, President ALPS Electric

From smartphones, ICT devices to automobiles and the energy sector, President Kuriyama’s... Sep 11, 2017

New global electronics trading giant to unleash the full potential of IoT and AI

Mr. Takashi Ishibashi, Corporate Executive Vice President of Tomen Electronics

Nexty Electronics, the new company resulting from the merger between Tomen Electronics... Feb 28, 2017

Ryoyo Electro Corporation: a clear vision towards a bright future

Mr. Moritaka Nakamura, President of RYOYO Electro

Since its establishment almost six decades ago as a trader of semiconductors, RYOYO... Feb 13, 2020

Zuken Inc., a pioneer in the EDA industry set to grow globally

Jinya Katsube, COO and Representative Director ZUKEN Inc.

Thanks to its historical expertise in Electronic Design Automation, Zuken Inc. has been... Jan 8, 2018

The pursuit of unique and innovative carbon products

Naotaka Kondo, President of Toyo Tanso Co Ltd

Toyo Tanso was the first company in the world to successfully mass produce large-size... Dec 11, 2018

Products to keep up with new global needs and developments

Yuichiro Naya, President and CEO of Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd.

Meiko provides various state-of-the-art products, such as high-density and high-performance... Dec 21, 2017


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