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I’ROM helps foreign bio-tech tap into "thriving" Japanese market

A leading medical development and advanced medicinal treatment business, I’ROM Group also offers In Country Clinical Caretaker (ICCC) services to assist foreign bio-techs with their product development in the country

Oishi Koseido’s pain relief patches: an alternative to opioid treatments

Oishi Koseido has recently received U.S. FDA approval for its ‘ZTlido’ 1.8% lidocaine patches and is confident its high-quality, Japanese-made pain relief treatments could help in the fight against opioid addiction in the U.S.

Pioneering the advancement of Regenerative Medicine

CellSource has developed regenerative medicine as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

Japanese firm CellSource is an innovative new healthcare service provider pioneering the industrialization of regenerative medicine, one of the groundbreaking new fields in the global medical industry.

Aiming to be a Global Niche Top Company in Healthcare

Hirokazu Hamada, President of Anritsu Corp.

Using the finest technologies, Alps Pharmaceutical extracts only the active ingredients from plants and herbs to develop high-quality pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products.

Japan: triggering its next burst of innovation

Hirokazu Hamada, President of Anritsu Corp.

Japanese innovation will be at the core of fourth industrial revolution technologies such as robotics and AI, as well as a new era of healthcare defined by regenerative medicine, next-generation pharmaceuticals and health supplements.

Promotion of generic drugs core of new pharma policy

Hirokazu Hamada, President of Anritsu Corp.

With generic drugs making up only 30% of total sales, the government and Japanese pharmaceutical firms hope that increasing the use of generic drugs will help to ease the burden of caring for Japan’s rapidly aging population


‘The incredible growth potential of our company represents an interesting opportunity for investors’

Ryuji YAMAMURA, President of YMC Co. Ltd

Ryuji Yamamura says developments in medical care will lead to enormous growth... Jun 25, 2018

ITEC: bringing its medical management expertise around the world

Johtaro SEKI, President of ITEC

One of the greatest domestic challenges for Japanese ... Aug 07, 2018

‘We are looking for some solid partners in order to further expand our medical business’

Nobukazu Suzuki, President of the ASTI Corporation

Nobukazu Suzuki, President of the ASTI Corporation, discusses his firms work... May 17, 2018

Curing diseases through advanced technology

Mr. Hirokazu Ogino, President and COO of Nihon Kohden

Since 1951, Nihon Kohden has engaged in the medical electronic equipment business... Jul 10, 2017

Generics: local production for local consumption

Itsuro Yoshida, President of Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Some 65 years after its establishment, Towa Pharmaceutical has grown into a key player... Nov 11, 2016

Nipro injects innovation into pre-filled syringes and targets US expansion

Yoshihiko Sano, President of Nipro Corporation

Medical devices, pharmaceuticals and glass pharmaceutical packaging products are... May 20, 2016

Tradition to drive innovation

Daikichiro Kobayashi, President of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd

An interview with Daikichiro Kobayashi, President of Meiji Seika Pharma... Sep 21, 2017

Why MC Biotech chose Brunei

Mr. Yuki Kaneda, Managing Director of MC Biotech

In this interview, Mr. Yuki Kaneda, Managing Director of MC Biotech, discusses the... Dec 11, 2017



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