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The pioneers of tomorrow’s technology

Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki, President of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (SEL)

Through its devotion to R&D, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory continuously creates the technologies that shape the future of our planet.

Anritsu Corp: The Success of Change

Hirokazu Hamada, President of Anritsu Corp.

"We strongly believe that our mission is to lead society with our technology"

ACSL: Mile-high technology on auto-pilot

The fast-growing Japanese drone maker has developed its own autonomous flight control and SLAM technologies that allow its drones to be used in places beyond the reaches of GPS/GNSS-based competitors.

Japan: triggering its next burst of innovation

Takahiko Nonogaki, President, API Co., Ltd.

Japanese innovation will be at the core of fourth industrial revolution technologies such as robotics and AI, as well as a new era of healthcare defined by regenerative medicine, next-generation pharmaceuticals and health supplements.

Japan’s auto industry: the successful sum of its parts manufacturers

Takashi Shimizu, President, Nissin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

As the Japanese auto-industry leads the shift towards a new era defined by CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared Electric) vehicles, the nation’s parts manufacturers will be integral to the development of high-tech, highperforming components for tier-one car makers, both in Japan and across the world.


Interview with Takuya Nakamura, President of TNK Sanwa Precision Co., Ltd.

Takuya Nakamura, President of TNK Sanwa Precision Co., Ltd.

TNK Sanwa Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 1946 under the name Tanaka Mfg. in Tokyo.... Nov 25, 2020

Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg. Co., LTD.

Mr. Yosuke Hamada, President of Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg. Co., LTD.

Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg. Co., LTD. was found in 1932. Since then, with its reliability of technologies and advanced research and development... Sep 28, 2020

Mitsuya: more than 100 plating solutions with a global proyection

Mr. Seiichiro Kusama, President of Mitsuya Co., Ltd.

Mitsuya was established in 1931, and has provided a wide range of the plating services and finishing... Sep 28, 2020

Torex: a pioneer in Ultra-Small analog power ICs

Koji Shibamiya, President of TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD.

Torex aims to continuously improve their intellectual ability and respond to market demands by creating... Sep 18, 2020

Ryoyo Electro Corporation: a clear vision towards a bright future

Mr. Moritaka Nakamura, President of RYOYO Electro

Since its establishment almost six decades ago as a trader of semiconductors, RYOYO has... Feb 13, 2020

Makino Seiki: putting the 'cut' in cutting edge

Daisuke Shimizu President & CEO of Makino Seiki Co., Ltd.

The leading machine tools company, which makes some of the world's highest quality tool... Feb 13, 2020

Innovation in top gear
Toshiaki Okubo, President & CEO of Okubo Gear Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Construction Machinery, Isuzu Motors and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are well-known... Nov 19, 2019

Masters of Monozukuri

Mr. Naoki Hori, President of Yamashina Corporation

Yamashina Corporation manufactures a wide range of fasteners, bolts, screws, pins, resin... Feb 14, 2019

ITEC: bringing its medical management expertise around the world

Johtaro SEKI, President of ITEC

One of the greatest domestic challenges for Japanese ... Aug 07, 2018

The pursuit of unique and innovative carbon products

Naotaka Kondo, President of Toyo Tanso Co Ltd

Toyo Tanso was the first company in the world to successfully mass produce large-size... Dec 11, 2018

‘The incredible growth potential of our company represents an interesting opportunity for investors’

Ryuji YAMAMURA, President of YMC Co. Ltd

Ryuji Yamamura says developments in medical care will lead to enormous growth... Jun 25, 2018

MHI to tap niche market opportunities

Shunichi Miyanaga, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd is one of the largest employers in Japan with over 80,000... Apr 22, 2016


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